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Choices of Male Contraception to Postpone Pregnancy

To delay pregnancy, there are several types of contraception that can be used. Contraception can be used by men and women. For men, the available contraceptive choices are condoms and vasectomy. Pregnancy can occur when sperm cells successfully fertilize an egg that is released from a woman's ovaries during her fertility. For couples who have not or want to postpone pregnancy, contraception can be the right choice to prevent conception. In women, hormonal contraception, such as birth control pills or injectable birth control, is a commonly chosen method of delaying pregnancy. But in men, hormonal contraception is not commonly used. Hormonal contraception for men is at risk of causing various side effects, which include mood swings, depression, acne, muscle aches, weight gain, and increased libido. Contraception that can be made by men Although male hormonal contraception can be used to prevent pregnancy, the most common types of contraception used by men are: Condom Condo
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Recognize the Different Types of Skin Allergies in Infants and Children

Rashes on the skin that does not heal can be one indication of skin allergies in infants and children. Get to know the types of allergies on the skin, so you know the symptoms and triggers of skin allergies suffered by your child. Although allergies are generally harmless, skin allergies in infants and children cannot be underestimated. This condition can cause various other disorders if left unchecked. Infants and children with allergic skin can also become more fussy and sleep deprived due to itching. Types of skin allergies that often occur in infants and children Skin allergies in infants and children can be caused by two things. First, because the skin is in direct contact with allergen triggers (allergens). Second, when the immune system reacts by releasing histamine into the skin in response to the entry of allergens into the body. Some types of skin allergies that often affect infants and children are: 1. Itching and swelling The itching in question is the appearance o

C'mon, Recognize Apraksia Speech Disorders in Children and How to Overcome It

Children aged two years, generally can say two words, such as "want milk" and "want to eat". If your child is not able to say a simple series of words, there is a possibility that he has speech apraxia. This disorder can be overcome by speech therapy and other habits at home. Apraksia is a nerve disorder in the brain that makes it difficult for children to coordinate the muscles used when talking. Children with apraxia know what they want to say, but have difficulty moving their jaws, tongue, and lips to talk. Apraksia Speech Disorders Speech disorders of apraxia are similar to dysarthria in speech disorders. Apraksia in children is usually caused by genetic and metabolic disorders. In addition, several conditions such as premature birth and mothers who consume alcohol or illegal drugs during pregnancy, can also be a factor that triggers speech disorders of apraxia in children. Apraksia usually can only be detected in children under three years old (toddlers)